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Football Mama (SUB PRINT)

Football Mama (SUB PRINT)

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 Sublimation Transfer

  • Size: H 11"H x 11" W

Application Instructions: Light Color fabric/90-100% polyester only for best results***

Settings may vary depending on the heat press.


****These times and temps are based on what works for Flossie Blanks and no other person.****

  1. Place parchment/butcher paper in between t-shirt.
  2. Clean with lint roller to remove any debris from fabric, pre-press t-shirt if needed.
  3. Place the print face down on top of t-shirt where you would like print to go.  If on front, we suggest 3 inches below the bottom of the collar.  Use heat tape to keep print in place if needed.
  4. Cover t-shirt with butcher/parchment paper to protect your heat press from ink.
  5. Place shirt on heat press and press for 120 second (2 minutes) at 380 degrees.
  6. Remove print immediately after to avoid any ink smudges or ghosting.

YouTube Link for Instruction Video located on bottom of homepage.