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Color Faux Bleached Baby Bodysuits 100% Polyester (BLANK)
Color Faux Bleached Baby Bodysuits 100% Polyester (BLANK)

Color Faux Bleached Baby Bodysuits 100% Polyester (BLANK)

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Introducing the new Flossie Design Bleached Baby Onesie Collection! Classic, basic, and trendy tees for everyone. Shirts may have a faint color on front of bleach spot but this spot is faint and after sublimating spot it is not seen. We have tested them.

Our New Collection is handmade of High-Quality polyester with cotton feel inside. GREAT FOR SUBLIMATION!!!


****These times and temps are based on what works for Flossie Blanks and no other person.**** Specifically for our t-shirts we recommend 380F for 120 seconds. (DO NOT exceed 400F, this could cause scorching! 


  1. Clean off shirt for fabric debris with lint roller.
  2. Place cardboard for best results or butcher paper inside of shirt.
  3. Print and Cut out the design, to remove any extra ink that may be let on edges.
  4. Place design centered and 3 inches below collar. You can use heat tape to hold image in place to eliminate any ghosting.
  5. Cover  ENTIRE shirt with butcher paper OR soft white cloth, as these shirts have a slight bleed of color when pressed. 
  6. Place on heat press for 45-120 seconds at 380 degrees. 
  7. Remove the butcher paper and sub paper as soon as possible.

The recommended settings above may need adjustments for best results. Settings will vary depending on the heat press brand and model ink and paper and atmospheric conditions.