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Survivor Rhinestone Transfer
Survivor Rhinestone Transfer

Survivor Rhinestone Transfer

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  • Rhinestone Transfer
  • 12.0 x 6.0
  • Clear and Fuschia
  • Breast Cancer Awareness

Application Instructions 

  • Temp:  302° - 374° (330°)
  • Time:  15-25 Sec (12 sec)
  • Pressure:  Medium
  • Peel:  Hot

Settings may vary depending on the heat press

Set Heat Press temperature to 330 degrees and timer to 12-15 seconds. Place the t-shirt/substrate onto the heat press. Separate the rhinestone transfer sheet and white sheet from clear sheet (stones should stick to the clear sheet). Put clear sheet on the top of t-shirt/substrate (If any stones have shifted out of place, put them back into place using tweezers. Place a Teflon sheet over the plastic sheet. Press for 12-15 seconds. Slowly peel the clear plastic sheet away from the t-shirt/substrate (hot peel). If stones are not sticking, place the plastic sheet back over the shirt and press again for 4-6 seconds